J. Eatley Photography

With a unique vision sculpted by the challenges of his life, Jeffrey Eatley strives to bring his view of photography to Lafayette, Acadiana and the state of Louisiana. With the theory of the Modern Portrait, his goal is to capture you as your really are; un-posed and in comfortable settings that help define you as the unique individual you are. This concept, designed to place you at ease, seeks to bring out the true personality of every person in a fun and relaxed environment intended to help you get the most out of your child's photos and Seniors, or Family Portraits.

You will discover in Jeff's photography the creativity and adaptability that has made his work a fixture in national publications such as RatRod Magazine,  RV Open Road, 8-Lug Magazine  and as a photo blogger for GoRving.com.  He is also a featured blogger for Radio Popper.  


J. Eatley Photography - Lafayette, Louisiana 

I travel the state of Louisiana making commercial arts easy for small businesses.  When you display your hard work, shouldn't be as amazing as your product that you are selling.  You live in a custom world and have a products that are unique but many companies use stock images from online website.  I can build not only over the top fantastic images, product shots, but even social media libraries, which are amazing for constant posting online. To get your name out there, it has to be out there and shouldn't your images represent your style and attention to detail?   In a time that content is king, doesn't your business deserve to be ahead of the curve.  

I started this dedicated to the automotive world but we can also get outside of the box.  The list of creative possibilities are almost endless and by working together and the more we get to know each other, the growth potential is huge.  Lets get epic, team up and create something amazing. 


Portraits are a unique challenge.  From business owners to personal family images, I believe every image should tell a story.  It should dive deeper into who you are as a person.  These images, by using my years of practice with lighting, should lead the viewer to learning something about you and forcing them to want to know more.  You are more than what just one image can explain, so there is nothing like leaving the viewer wanting more.  


Get outside the box with Multiplicity

No longer do you have to have normal images created for you.  This unique style was created when just a simple question was asked of me.  How would you show the life of a single parent in a picture.  I created an image that shows what it is like just hanging out with my daughter for a day.  I quickly learned that this type of image could be applied to any number of careers, talents, hobbies and so on.  The possibilities are endless in creating a unique image that tells your story.  Theses images are created to be displayed in large prints that will pull a person in and cause them to continue looking to find the complete story.  What is your story?  Let's get together and find out. 





From Commercial to personal images for wall art, We can make your photography great again.  You spend months or even years, building, saving or dreaming of owning these fantastic combustion powered machines.  I have the same amount of love for turning them into the art.  I create images that are made to display anywhere as art.  Wither you want to update your business with your best projects for all of your customers to see or maybe you are creating the best man cave ever at home.  Fill your life with the art you surround yourself with.  We go even further when printing these images in many unique ways that can fit most peoples budget.  

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MetalPrints™ represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Your images will take on a magical luminescence.

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